We provide world class management and strategy consulting services to the mid-market.

World Class Consultants

Maven consultants combine experiences at Bain, BCG or McKinsey with leadership roles in the Fortune 1000. They have real world industry experience coupled with best in class problem solving skills.

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Mid-Market Prices

Maven’s business approach is designed to provide the mid-market with world class consulting resources at a price that is affordable. Our flexible staffing model and leverage of technology allow us to be very efficient. You get 80% of the value of a top tier consulting firm at 20% of the cost.

Flexible & Scalable

Every project is designed specifically to a client’s needs, timing and budget. Our flexible staffing model allows you to get experienced, talented, in-demand consultants at a fraction of the cost.  Choosing Maven means maximum value for the price.

Powerful Results

Our passion is helping companies in the mid-market reach the next level. We ask a lot of questions & collect a lot of information. Then we recommend solutions to problems, some you knew about, some you didn’t. We will push you to take action, and then we will push some more. Because your success is our success!

Our Services

We provide a range of services that help clients achieve outstanding results.

Increase your profit margins

With companies both large and small, we always find opportunities to improve profitability. We start with a comprehensive diagnostic of the business to identify a long list of areas for increased efficiency, lower costs or higher prices. Then we focus our efforts on the most promising areas and build a detailed roadmap for capturing the value. We typically find opportunities to lower overall costs 5%-15%.

Choosing on a path forward

We work with companies on their strategy when the path forward for them is not clear. Whether you need help understudying market dynamics, clarifying your company or business unit strategy, or informing tough decisions, Maven can bring analytics and structure to your strategic choices.

Getting your projects done

Most mid-market companies struggle to execute on major company initiatives. Working on the business is so much more challenging than working in the business. Maven offers an annual program to provide the training, coaching, tools, structure, coordination, discipline & accountability needed to get all those projects done. When was the last time your company got 90% of the projects for the year done?

Plan out your year

Whether your company has been doing annual planning for years or if you are new to the process, Maven can help you have a productive kick-off to your year. We facilitate customized annual planning sessions designed to meet the unique objectives of the company’s leaders. Having a 3rd party facilitate your planning meeting allows everyone on the management team to participate equally.