Located in Ontario, CA, The Safariland Group is the largest manufacturer of law enforcement equipment in the United States.  Serving the law enforcement, military, paramedic and outdoor enthusiast markets, Safariland manufactures and distributes holsters, body armor, handcuffs, batons, body cameras, forensic kits and an extensive array of other products used for security and safety.  With principal manufacturing facilities in California & Florida, Safariland operates under the brands Safariland, Bianchi, Vievu, Defense Technology and a number of other brands.

Over the last 25 years,  Safariland had completed 25 acquisitions and had accumulated 27 different product brands.  Safariland wanted assistance in developing a fact-based approach to consolidating its brands, especially in the critical product areas of holsters and body armor.

Maven completed in-depth research on all Safariland brands thru 30+ industry interviews, 10k+ survey responses and 36 participants in a 3 day online journal.  Maven made firm recommendations on brands to consolidate and a roadmap for the evolution of the all brands.

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