Stenning Schueppert

Senior Consultant and Entrepreneur

Clients often select Maven Associates when they face a very specific business challenge and when they need a highly skilled team of consultants that can help to understand and address that challenge quickly and affordably. Stenning Schueppert is a consultant with Maven Associates who specializes in private equity investment strategy, strategic due diligence, and M&A. Stenning earned his B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Northwestern University where he directed the nation’s largest student-run philanthropy, raising over $300,000. After graduation, Stenning began his career at Bain & Company in Chicago. During his tenure, he was involved in several high-impact projects that led to significant cost savings for clients such as Ford, Optus, and others.


Following Bain, Stenning moved into private equity at GTCR Golder Rauner where he worked on a number of acquisitive growth platforms and was on the deal team for a $900M go-private transaction. A Stanford University M.B.A. was next on Stenning’s career path where he served as Co-President of the Private Equity Club and Co-Chair of the Academic Committee.


Stenning has spent the last twenty years focused on middle-market investing and M&A in leadership roles at both PE firms and direct corporate development.


Early in his career, Stenning worked at well-respected mid-market PE firms H.I.G. Capital and Eos. After Eos, his experience with strategy and M&A led to a company role as SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development for Total Safety, a 4,500-person $450M global safety services provider for the industrial and energy markets. During his time at Total Safety, Stenning was responsible for all strategic initiatives, marketing and M&A activities including sourcing, diligence, negotiating, execution and integration. In his four years there, he closed 11 deals, growing the company’s EBITDA by approximately 80 per cent.


After Total Safety, he was aCo-Founder and Managing Director of CenterGate Capital. The firm focused on growing companies in the lower middle-market by assisting with flexible capital and strategic guidance.


Throughout his private equity career, Stenning most enjoyed strategically building businesses via accretive acquisitions. As a consultant with Maven, he is able to help clients achieve that same objective. A boutique firm like Maven can provide businesses with senior talent at an affordable variable cost: “We can add material value quickly and effectively, cementing real insights for our clients and then, maintaining that relationship, join that same client again when they need us, but not bog them down with fixed costs when they don’t.”


Stenning and Mark were introduced through common connections in Austin, and the timing was serendipitous. Maven was pitching a new client project perfectly suited to Stenning’s background. The value of having Stenning on this project was his long-established banker, lender, and investor relationships that enabled him to have authentic high-level conversations faster and at a greater depth than what might have been achieved with a junior resource or from a typical ‘paid resource’ phone call. This approach, much different than what clients face when working with a third-party interviewing firm, led to faster, more cost effective and superior findings which resulted in more clear and actionable strategic client initiatives. Rather than rudimentary survey questions or rote conversations, Stenning was able to partner with and supplement the C-suite. This foundation led directly into the strategic phase of the project.


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