Meet Joel Rosen

Joel Rosen, a seasoned consultant and Bain alum with over 30 years of experience in the tech sector, joined Maven through a LinkedIn connection with Mark, the company’s founder.

Rosen’s tech-oriented background made him a perfect fit for a project that required a blend of manufacturing and technological expertise. He shared, “Mark reached out to me via LinkedIn…he was looking for somebody who had some tech experience, and I have quite a bit of high-tech experience.”

Since stepping away from full-time operating roles in late 2020, Rosen has continued consulting through Maven, leveraging his expertise to assist businesses in achieving their growth objectives.

He commented, “I’ve been doing consulting through Maven and some advising and other vehicles. Plus, I’ve been doing non-profit-oriented work, so I’ve sure enjoyed that mix.”

Rosen’s diverse portfolio allows him to engage in various challenges—both in the business world and the nonprofit sector.

Rosen’s passion for consulting lies in bringing an investment and operational perspective to strategy development. Drawing from his years at Bain and as part of the management teams that took several companies public, he emphasized his commitment to understanding customer needs and creating value.

He stated, “I like the opportunity to try to help companies get sort of a fresh view on things while being very respectful of the operator.”

Rosen carried this work ethos to a strategy facilitation project with FICO, a leading company in credit scoring, where Maven’s strategy framework provided the foundation for fruitful discussions that guided the management team in shaping the company’s future growth plans.

“The way that Maven conducted the discussions really led to a very open and honest conversation,” he said.

“It was very productive.”

Maven Consultancy brings together industry experts and experienced consultants, often with backgrounds at firms like Bain and McKinsey. Maven’s ability to offer top-tier expertise at a more affordable rate provides clients with exceptional consulting services tailored to their specific needs.

“Maven takes…experienced strategists and consultants and people typically with very good experience,” said Rosen.

“[These] people can bring real lessons to the process and maturity in terms of being able to structure relations in such a way that the client is at the center of what the project is.”

Joel Rosen’s deep understanding of customer needs—combined with Maven’s collaborative and client-centered approach—continues to drive remarkable results for organizations across various industries. Maven Consultancy is grateful for Joel Rosen’s valuable insights and dedication to helping businesses thrive.