Consultant Spotlight: Lan Harrington

Lan Harrington joined the Maven team at the start of 2021, fresh off of independent consulting work within her own company, Gravitas Consulting. She has always worked mainly as a one-person shop, though collaborating with teams on projects.

Her journey to Maven has been a dynamic one, starting with a foundation at Bain & Company, a Stanford MBA and 12 years in investment banking. Through these experiences, she has developed a keen understanding of all of the processes involved in the growth and development of a business. She met Mark through various projects and was aware of his stellar reputation over the years. When asked to join Maven, she jumped in without hesitation.

She loves that Maven puts faith in its consultants and allows them to utilize their hard-won expertise without micromanagement: “Obviously, it’s empowering”, she says. “But it also allows for more collaborative thinking, because I’m not just validating what [someone else] has already said. It’s terrific.”

At Maven she works mainly with private equity firms, on pure strategy and long-term growth plans. She works in commercial diligence and acquisitions, writing business plans, and putting firms on the right trajectory. Her latest project with Maven was a diligence assignment in commercial refrigeration.