Consultant Spotlight: Lan Harrington

Lan Harrington joined the Maven team at the start of 2021, fresh off of independent consulting work within her own company, Gravitas Consulting. She has always worked mainly as a one-person shop, though collaborating with teams on projects. Her journey to Maven has been a dynamic one, starting with a foundation at Bain & Company, […]

Meet Joel Rosen

Joel Rosen, a seasoned consultant and Bain alum with over 30 years of experience in the tech sector, joined Maven through a LinkedIn connection with Mark, the company’s founder. Rosen’s tech-oriented background made him a perfect fit for a project that required a blend of manufacturing and technological expertise. He shared, “Mark reached out to […]

Consultant Spotlight: Anuja Burns

“In my heart, I’m a nerd,” said Anuja Burns, a Senior Consultant at Maven. From 6th grade, she knew she wanted to attend MIT because she craved an environment of curiosity and learning, a space where she could take things apart, discover how they work, and put them back together. Anuja made her dream a […]

Maven Founder Spotlight: Mark Hess

Mark Hess is not reinventing the wheel, yet his approach to mid-market consulting is undoubtedly innovative. After studying economics and mechanical engineering, earning an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth, and working for Bain & Company, he began his own entrepreneurial venture, which “hatched over beer and pool,” as many great ideas are. Mark […]

Meet Gregg Fellows

One strength of the Maven Associates model is to partner with experts in key functional areas and industries. Maven leverages these partnerships when working with mid-market organizations to create specialized solution plans. One area the mid-mid-market organizations often struggle is in Technology. They tend to have out-dated impressions of what technology can do and the […]

Meet Stenning Schueppert

Clients select Maven Associates when they face a very specific business challenge, and when they need a highly skilled team of consultants who can help them to understand and address the challenge quickly and affordably.  Stenning Schueppert is a consultant at Maven Associates who is specialized in private equity investment strategy and M&A.  Stenning earned […]