Our belief was and remains that “A” level talent deployed in an efficient manner can create value for clients of any size.

Our solution was to build small teams of independent consultants who had been trained at the world’s best consulting firms. What we didn’t realize at the time was the power of utilizing a bench of independent consultants instead of full-time staff. Independent consultants typically bring both a consulting toolkit from their Bain, McKinsey, and BCG days and a set of skills and experiences from years in a junior or senior executive role. They have the mindset of a consultant for problem solving and the real-world experience of an executive role in a business for getting things done.

The benefits of working with
independent consultants

We create value for the client by constructing consulting teams with A-level capability, relevant industry experience, deep functional experience, and credibility. This combination saves the client money while delivering an exceptional result.

Access to an enormous bench for staffing projects

Optimization for industry & functional experience, level of experience, and geography

Access to hundreds of consultants to create the best team for the client

Consultants work from their home offices, but are in constant communication through conference calls, shared file systems, and email.

A typical Maven team

project lead
with partner & manager responsibilities

senior consultants
working on the project 4 days/week

senior advisor
with industry expertise to provide additional guidance to the team on the project 1 day/week

Maven enables you to have Bain, BCG and McKinsey-level talent with the
flexibility and affordability that you need.