Rowing in the same direction for continued growth.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, CraftMark Bakery is a leading supplier of frozen bakery products to the food service and in-store bakery industries.

With a 225k sq ft commercial bakery and state-of-the art equipment and systems, CraftMark has rapidly grown to an industry recognized innovator serving some of the largest restaurants in the US.

Started in 2013 by industry veterans with backing from CIC Partners, CraftMark grew from zero revenue to a large business serving some of the nations biggest restaurant chains in 18 months.  There was not time to step back and write down the various aspects of the company strategy.  When they started, everyone knew it in their bones and just went and executed.  As the company grew to hundreds of employees and a long list of customers, it became more important to make sure everyone was rowing in the same direction.

Maven was engaged to help the executive team get the company strategy articulated in a concise and thoughtful way.  Thru a series of executive workshops, Maven and the executive team developed a document which reflected a common understanding of where they were as a business, where they were headed and how they would get there.