Expand, grow and evolve

Located in Alvarado Texas, C&W designs and manufactures large volume dust control systems, primarily for the construction industry.

In 2016, C&W was recapitalized in partnership with B12 Capital Partners.  Partnering with B12 Capital Partners enabled C&W to expand sales, grow in new markets and evolve its industry leading technology.

Maven partnered with the C&W and B12 executive teams to facilitate the development of a new growth strategy.

The development of the growth strategy was facilitated across four different meetings.  In the first two-day meeting the team brainstormed new growth opportunities and how to objectively prioritize the opportunities.  In the second two-day meeting, the team reviewed their own research and prioritized the top 4 opportunities.  In the third one-day meeting the team evaluated the business case for each opportunity and decided which opportunities to pursue going forward.  In the final one-day meeting the team reviewed and discussed the business plans for how to pursue those opportunities.

Working with Maven has been very helpful.  We are looking at a couple growth opportunities we likely would not have considered on our own.  The structured process Mark took us thru made us really think about where we should grow.  The team is very excited about where we are headed.”

Deryl Beakley, CEO, C&W Manufacturing