A privately held transportation and logistics company.

A privately held transportation and logistics company, Dupré Logistics is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana and operates throughout the Southeast.

Starting in 1980, Dupré has provided services to a range of industries including energy, chemicals, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing.  In the past 30 years, Dupré has grown to become one of the top 50 logistics companies in the United States.

Like many companies of its size, Dupré has experienced periods of rapid growth followed by challenging plateaus. By 2009 it had grown into a $120M business, but found itself at a plateau and in need of strategy and priority adjustments.  In early 2010, the Dupré Executive Leadership team made the difficult decision to seek an external advisor to help chart a strategic course for the coming years.

Over a six month period, Maven Associates worked with the broad management team at Dupré to develop a detailed corporate strategy that would help guide the company past the plateau and into a period of growth.  Components of the corporate strategy included a review of broad industry trends, a detailed customer survey and customer segmentation, an analysis of customer-level profitability and development of a prioritized set of growth initiatives.  The final outcome of Maven’s strategic plan was a detailed set of recommendations the Dupré team was able to begin implementing immediately.

Over the subsequent 4 years, Dupré has experienced a new period of rapid growth with revenues reaching $220M in 2014.