FICO is a leading analytics software company supporting businesses across over 90 countries to make informed, data-backed decisions. FICO empowers its customers through a pioneering credit score business, proprietary predictive analytics, and business rules management and optimization. Through its suite of products, FICO enhances the precision and agility of high-volume decisions in complex and fast-changing environments.

FICO was seeking a consultant to lead the executive team of the software business through the multi-day process of improving and codifying the go-forward strategy. A mutual colleague who is a partner in the Bain San Francisco office referred Maven to FICO.

FICO decided to engage Maven. To prepare for the upcoming sessions, the Maven facilitator interviewed around ten executives to unpack their goals, identify their priorities, and gather additional context to inform the strategy. Using these interviews, the facilitator developed a custom agenda and accompanying meeting materials.

To further improve the quality of the work sessions and meetings, Maven introduced a second facilitator who brought deep software industry expertise to the conversation.

Over three days of meetings, the two Maven facilitators covered several critical areas, including:

  • A roadmap of strategic growth opportunities
  • The prioritization of those growth opportunities
  • The industry’s competitive landscape
  • The company’s unique value proposition and how it compared to competitors
  • A formal articulation of the overall go-forward strategy

Through further discussions, Maven documented key success measures to enable the executive team to measure progress. They also highlighted the new capabilities needed to execute the strategy successfully and detailed plans for future work.

As Maven has done many times before, we codified and organized the current thinking of executives into a formalized series of documents that teams can easily reference when understanding, planning, and taking action. At the end of the three-day process, the team felt empowered and prepared to achieve their carefully articulated and refined strategic vision. We look forward to seeing FICO succeed.

Maven facilitated a set of meetings for our executive team to work on our company’s strategy.  We had a good starting point on our strategy, but the worksessions with Maven really helped to crystalize the strategy and create more alignment for the executive team.  We had all the puzzle pieces, but Maven helped us fit them together to make the whole picture more clear.  We would highly recommend Maven to facilitate your strategy sessions.” – Nikhil Behl, FICO