Concrete Due Diligence

Insight Equity (Insight), a private equity firm in Dallas, contracted Maven to evaluate the market for a commercial construction product as part of their due diligence.

Maven spent two weeks gathering data about the core market, the competition and a new growth opportunity for the business. 

The process Maven used when working with Insight was similar to how Maven works with each client. In a due diligence assignment Maven focuses on interviewing potential customers to get unbiased views of the product; determining the size of and changes in the market; and understanding a company’s major competitors and how a given company fits in the larger landscape. 

As is always the case, Maven went directly to the source of potential customers to get an unbiased view of a potential new product—or the new use of an established product. By going directly to the potential customer, Maven is able to obtain information free of preconceptions or agenda. And by analyzing that data without filters or predisposition, Maven can help a client determine the true obstacles or advantages of a new product or a new use of an existing product. 

The question Insight tasked Maven with answering perfectly highlights one of the main reasons companies rely on third-party consultants: with research, unbiased interviews, and statistical data, Maven is able to drill down past intuition and anecdotal reasoning to determine whether or not a company’s growth projections are realistic.