Level Access empowers accessibility initiatives for over 2,000 organizations across Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, large and small private sector businesses, and educational institutions. Providing leading-edge software, training, and consulting, Level Access delivers an end-to-end solution that enables its clients to build and maintain accessible and compliant mobile apps, websites, software, and other technology offerings.

Level Access was seeking an external facilitator for its two-day annual planning session. The company wanted all participants to contribute to discussions and have their voices heard. It also needed a structured approach that paved the way for meaningful planning and debate.

Achieving these requirements was made more difficult by the virtual nature of the session. Because the meeting occurred during COVID-19-related restrictions, Level Access opted to bring together employees and stakeholders on Zoom. Maven brought in two facilitators, including one with extensive experience hosting virtual meetings.

The facilitators leveraged Zoom’s full suite of tools for various breakout sessions, ensuring attendees remained engaged and motivated throughout. They also implemented Miro, an online brainstorming tool.

The two-day annual planning meeting began with an all-important strategy articulation session, which ensured all participants were on the same page. In addition, subsequent discussions and decision-making could be evaluated against this strategy.

Then, Maven facilitated a discussion of the impact of COVID-19 on the business, raising key challenges and highlighting opportunities for improvement and growth. Following this, participants were invited to brainstorm and prioritize high-impact initiatives for the upcoming year, ensuring each contributed to the overarching strategy.

After leaders and attendees defined 2021’s initiatives, planning began. Throughout this process, Maven’s facilitators drew on their consulting experience to guide the conversation and provide actionable feedback.

Next on the agenda were two crucial discussions, the first exploring growth opportunities and the second detailing customer segmentation. These were documented to ensure insights and ideas were actioned throughout the year. Finally, the annual planning sessions concluded with a ten-year vision exercise.

Despite the challenges of engaging participants virtually, Level Access’s annual planning meeting was a success. With employees, stakeholders, and leaders aligned in their strategic direction, the company is well-positioned to tackle whatever the future holds.