Feasibilty of at-home heavy metal testing

Western Slope Laboratory is a specialized reference laboratory that designs and produces high-quality Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs).

When a family member faced chronic pain doctors were having difficulty diagnosing or treating, a friend suggested heavy metals testing. Doctors rarely order or conduct heavy metals testing, because symptoms are common to many illnesses. The family member did request heavy metal testing, and discovered high levels of NICKEL. Treatment was then identified and completed, and the family member’s symptoms disappeared.

Seeing the ease of testing, and the potential for at-home sample gathering, Western Slope Laboratories wanted to evaluate the feasibility of such a service. They engaged with Maven Associates to evaluate the potential market opportunity and develop a launch roadmap.  Over several months, the project team conducted targeted market research including discussions with potential customers, identified the market-bearing price point, and detailed a phased-launch plan.

The Western Slope Laboratory team then took the plan, and 18 months later, MyBioIntel Heavy Metals Test was introduced to the market. The at-home testing kit allows customers to order the test online, collect a sample at home, and then send the sample back for certified testing. The results are delivered in such a way that the patient can understand them, and in a form that doctors can provide guidance for the best course of action based on their unique genetics and health situation.