Streamlined and simplified approach to sales training

PDC, a division of the Brady Corporation, is an identification solutions company based in Valencia, California.

PDC has over 55 years of experience in the field and are the global leaders in innovative ID solutions serving Healthcare, Leisure, Entertainment, Law Enforcement and Animal ID industries.

One of the key factors in PDCs position as #1 in the ID industry is their sales force. Customers count on the personal attention, product knowledge, flexibility and dependability they provide. When PDC was looking to hire and train new sales people they realized their old training materials were not as effective as they could be and needed to be updated to provide a more robust training experience.

After researching other consulting firms, PDC chose Maven Associates to help create new training materials for their sales force. They based their decision on Maven’s ability to provide the same quality of resources in terms of personnel, methodology and thinking as the big three consulting firms, without the high price. On a tight six-week timeline, Maven worked with executive management and the PDC product managers to build an architecture for the sales materials. Maven then worked with each of the product managers to build the materials for the sales training. The overall goal was to simplify and standardize training across multiple products.

Throughout the process, Maven developed several insights about PDC that were not part of the original scope of the project, and shared them with the PDC executive team. Finding new information the client does not know about their own business and providing crucial outside perspective to clients, is value-added that Maven brings to each project.

After six weeks, the new, more robust, training materials provided the right balance of detail and information that PDC needed, while the templatized approach resulted in positive response from product managers and new trainees alike.