Manufactures and distributes law enforcement and security products including duty gear, holsters, body armor and tactical headsets.

Located in Ontario, CA, The Safariland Group is the largest manufacturer of law enforcement equipment in the United States.

Serving the law enforcement, military, paramedic and outdoor enthusiast markets, Safariland manufactures and distributes holsters, body armor, handcuffs, batons, body cameras, forensic kits and an extensive array of other products used for security and safety.  With principal manufacturing facilities in California & Florida, Safariland operates under the brands Safariland, Bianchi, Vievu, Defense Technology and a number of other brands.

Over the last 25 years,  Safariland had completed 25 acquisitions and had accumulated 27 different product brands. As a result of these numerous acquisitions, the company inherited multiple distribution networks, retail stores and logistics systems that were not integrated, resulting in redundant costs and inefficiencies.

The Maven team worked with leadership in the distribution business over a four month period to analyze the situation with a two prong approach: First, they built and prioritized a list of more than 40 profit improvement opportunities, including both cost reduction and revenue growth ideas. These were vetted, analyzed and prioritized to build a short list of items for the company to pursue. Second, the team analyzed the distribution network and recommended that Safariland move to an integrated distribution system with a centralized distribution center located in a geographically advantageous location. These changes will enable long-term growth for the company as additional acquisitions are made and organic growth occurs. Additionally, this enables the company to become more customer-centric, leveraging omni-channel and e-commerce technologies going forward. The opportunities identified by the Maven team will result in a 42% improvement in EBITDA for the distribution business over three years.