Due diligence for confidence to move forward

Satori Capital is a Dallas, Texas private equity firm founded by entrepreneurs who understand the challenges faced by business leaders ready to grow, but unsure how to get there. Their mission and life’s work: to invest in aligned private companies and help them grow. 

Satori has partnered with talented management teams to accelerate the growth of companies that are “built to last,” including 24 Hour Fitness, SunTree Snack Foods, Longhorn Health Solutions, and Ranger Wireless Solutions.

Satori turned to Maven to perform due diligence on a machinery moving and rigging company they had targeted for acquisition. They chose Maven knowing they could provide the quality, creativity and rigorous thinking of a top-tier consulting firm at a price point that works for a lower mid-market deal.

Over the three-week project, Maven’s due diligence included the competitive landscape, market size, growth potential for the market (and areas where it was not growing), market positioning, extensive voice of the customer (VoC) research and a detailed analysis of the possible impact of a recession on this market and company. Crucially, Maven was also able to identify future growth opportunities.

Maven’s due diligence and findings gave Satori the confidence to move forward with the acquisition.