Thought Leadership

Improving Your Exit Multiple

Improving Your Exit Multiple with Value Creation Levers When you sell your company, the value of your company hinges on something called the exit multiple. An exit multiple isn’t arbitrary; it’s shaped by different factors acting like levers. Each lever nudges your company’s value up or down. At Maven we call these “Value Creation Levers”. […]

Meet Joel Rosen

Joel Rosen, a seasoned consultant and Bain alum with over 30 years of experience in the tech sector, joined Maven through a LinkedIn connection with Mark, the company’s founder. Rosen’s tech-oriented background made him a perfect fit for a project that required a blend of manufacturing and technological expertise. He shared, “Mark reached out to […]

Top 5 Ways Mid-Market Companies are Saving Money Using AI

AI is redefining business for mid-sized companies. A powerhouse of innovation, it’s driving change like never before. These organizations are in a prime position to take advantage of AI’s benefits, balancing the agility of small firms with the resources of larger corporations. However, challenges related to data privacy, integration, and ethics can complicate the adoption process. […]

A Client’s Perspective: Tra Willbanks

Tra Willbanks, CEO of Anchor Partners, speaks highly of Mark’s expertise and his specific contributions to his company’s growth and strategic decision-making. Anchor Partners, a leading private equity partnership specializing in metal manufacturing companies, values its continued collaboration with Maven strategist Mark, praising the results achieved through their long-standing partnership. Anchor Partners operates in the […]

Navigating the Changing Tides: Assessing the Likelihood of a Recession in 2023

Rethinking Recession in Light of a Resilient Job Market The possibility of a recession in the United States in 2023 has been a subject of significant speculation among economists, CEOs, investors, and the public. However, recent developments have led experts to reassess their predictions. The resiliency of the job market has emerged as a crucial […]

Consultant Spotlight: Anuja Burns

“In my heart, I’m a nerd,” said Anuja Burns, a Senior Consultant at Maven. From 6th grade, she knew she wanted to attend MIT because she craved an environment of curiosity and learning, a space where she could take things apart, discover how they work, and put them back together. Anuja made her dream a […]

Improving Business Strategy for Growth and Scale with AI

The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have created significant opportunities for mid-market companies to improve their business strategies for growth and scale. By leveraging AI, mid-market companies can enhance their decision-making processes, increase efficiency, enhance customer experience, and become more agile. In this white paper, we will explore the impact of AI on mid-market […]

Maven Founder Spotlight: Mark Hess

Mark Hess is not reinventing the wheel, yet his approach to mid-market consulting is undoubtedly innovative. After studying economics and mechanical engineering, earning an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth, and working for Bain & Company, he began his own entrepreneurial venture, which “hatched over beer and pool,” as many great ideas are. Mark […]

Scaling Your Business

As your business grows, your profit margins increase automatically – it’s a pervasive myth that could not be farther from reality. In most cases, your margins will shrink alongside business expansion for a variety of reasons. It takes a conscious and proactive approach to combat cost increases and reap the rewards of your growth. Here’s […]

A Client’s Perspective: Danai Brooks

Danai Brooks studied engineering at Cornell and held several engineering and operations roles before earning an MBA at Kellogg. Post business school Danai joined JP Morgan’s Mergers and Acquisitions team. He then stepped out of advisory to run a small public industrial enzymes company. After the business was successfully sold to DuPont, he craved something […]

A Client’s Perspective: Rand Stagen

Entrepreneurs Rand Stagen and Mark Hess Shape Purpose-Driven Businesses from the Inside In 1999, Rand Stagen launched the Stagen Leadership Academy to help mid-market companies grow their positive impact in the world. Within a few years, he and his partners had what they termed a “peanut butter and chocolate moment.” They envisioned a future which […]

A Client’s Perspective: Sunny Vanderbeck

When Texas-based multi-strategy investment firm Satori Capital enlisted mid-market consultants Maven Associates to undertake due diligence projects concerning potential investments, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Sunny Vanderbeck found immediate value in Maven’s unique approach. “Sometimes, what clients want to buy is a paper to reinforce their existing beliefs,” said Vanderbeck. “I don’t have any use for […]

Time to Refresh Your Strategy

Are You (and your team) Prepared for What Comes Next? The pandemic has brought changes to virtually every business and industry. Some of the changes have been small, but many are significant. Some are positive changes, some are negative. These changes happened in a relatively short period of time. It is a tribute to business […]

Principles of Strategy

In broad strokes, strategy is decision making—but not in the way one might think. The most important part of your strategy is deciding what you’re not going to do. What is Strategy? Strategy, simply stated, is how you get from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be). You […]

Maximize Your Exit Valuation Multiple

Co-authored with @StenningSchueppert. Successful private equity (“PE”) firms generally execute well in the three commonly accepted phases of portfolio company value creation: 1) Buy right, 2) Grow EBITDA, and 3) Sell that EBITDA at highest multiple possible. In our experience, many PE firms are missing critical low-hanging fruit by not maximizing their exit multiples because they […]

5 Approaches to Profitability

With the economy slowing, many companies will shift their focus to improving their profitability. Is your management team prepared to take a fresh look at how to grow profit margins? In our work with mid-market companies over the last decade, we have helped uncover many different ways to improve profits. Here are our Top 5 approaches to improving […]

A Client’s Perspective: Drew Clancy

”Overall Maven’s involvement was a great value and we believe the project was a big success.” -Drew Clancy Drew Clancy is the President of Publishing Concepts (PCI). After acquiring one of its biggest competitors, the PCI team was not done. It needed to streamline the two businesses as well as continue the total company growth […]

Meet Gregg Fellows

One strength of the Maven Associates model is to partner with experts in key functional areas and industries. Maven leverages these partnerships when working with mid-market organizations to create specialized solution plans. One area the mid-mid-market organizations often struggle is in Technology. They tend to have out-dated impressions of what technology can do and the […]

Meet Stenning Schueppert

Clients select Maven Associates when they face a very specific business challenge, and when they need a highly skilled team of consultants who can help them to understand and address the challenge quickly and affordably.  Stenning Schueppert is a consultant at Maven Associates who is specialized in private equity investment strategy and M&A.  Stenning earned […]