To grow a successful business requires the management team to always be solving the next “big problem.”  As each problem is solved, the company encounters a new problem that is holding the company back from growing even more. Maven focuses exclusively on companies in the mid-market ($50M – $500M) to solve the next big problem.


Big improvements require big changes.

Growth Strategy

Maven was engaged to help PointClickCare develop a strategy for increasing the growth of a new market. The team provided practical recommendations for changes to pricing, marketing, product configuration and implementation leading to significant growth>>

Dupré experienced periods of rapid growth followed by challenging plateaus, and sought an external advisor to help chart a strategic course. Maven’s created a detailed set of recommendations the team could implement immediately. >>

For several years, CNI’s profitability was not meeting expectations. Maven was engaged to provide recommendations for how the business could improve profitability. >>

Maven works on projects of various sizes and complexities, but in all of them, it works closely with the management team to chart an exciting path forward. >>

Alliance wanted an outside perspective and analysis on whether the rise of app providers was a threat or an opportunity. Maven completed a thorough review of and provided a fact-based point of view on the immediate future of the laundry & dry cleaning market. >>

With the decline in key industries, the state was interested in understanding the FinTech industries ability to generate jobs and economic growth. Maven researched, benchmarked and recommended a four pronged approach to building a FinTech sector.  >>

Maven worked with Best Egg to understand the quickly evolving fintech environment, changing consumer behaviors and Best Egg’s position in the market.  They developed a go-forward strategy to solidify its market position and see growth. >>

FICO is a leading analytics software company supporting businesses across over 90 countries to make informed, data-backed decisions. FICO empowers its customers through a pioneering credit score business, proprietary predictive analytics, and business rules management and optimization.>>

As 2016 came to a close, At Home needed to understand the competitive landscape to create its next 5-year plan.  Maven provided a clear view of At Home’s position in the retail home décor market. >>

Cobalt wanted an outside advisor to help them chart a course for sustained, profitable growth. Maven completed an extensive strategic review of the boating market and Cobalt’s position then developed a strategic roadmap. >>

Anchor Partners worked with Maven after purchasing several businesses to strategize both a path forward and to better understand how to improve the future market value of the businesses. >>

Western Slope Laboratories wanted to evaluate the feasibility of an at-home heavy metals testing service. They engaged with Maven to evaluate the potential market opportunity and develop a launch roadmap. >>

Publishing Concepts Inc. understood that profit and growth go hand-in-hand, and that it required an outsider’s perspective to filter the less rewarding and to highlight those likely to succeed.  This two-pronged approach catalyzed the business as well as set it up for continued organic growth. >>

As BOH looked forward, it saw growth opportunities, but wanted to better understand how different growth opportunities would impact its future valuation. The three phases of this project helped craft a go forward strategy for BOH. >>

Profit Improvement

The focus on rapid growth at Highland Ventures caused operating inefficiencies to develop.  The Maven team worked with the leadership team to identify opportunities to improve profitability.  >>

Publishing Concepts Inc. understood that profit and growth go hand-in-hand, and that it required an outsider’s perspective.  This two-pronged approach catalyzed the business as well as set it up for continued organic growth>>

WorldStrides had grown significantly in the past decade with tremendous top line growth, however, bottom line results were not up to expectations. It knew that Maven could provide top-tier consulting expertise and operate with an “owner” mentality.  >>

Texacone knew it had a solid business, but did not have the visibility to see a path to accelerating growth. Maven was able to help restructure its sales process and pricing strategy leading to significant improvement to the bottom line. >>

For several years, CNI’s profitability was not meeting expectations. Maven was engaged to provide recommendations for how the business could improve profitability. >>

In this second engagement, At Home asked Maven to review and make recommendations for its pricing strategy.  The deep dive exemplifies why strategy is not static. >>

Maven benchmarked Acxiom’s cost structure against competitors and business in similar industries to evaluate the efficiency of the current organizational structure. Maven developed recommendations for cost reductions and new budgets. >>

Annual Planning

Level Access was seeking an outside facilitator to take their annual planning to the next level and to bring an external perspective to where the company was headed. >>

C&W was recapitalized in partnership with B12 Capital Partners to expand sales, grow in new markets and evolve it’s industry leading technology. Maven partnered helped to facilitate the development of a new growth strategy. >>

MUV was seeking an outside facilitator for the company’s annual strategic offsite meeting. MUV attributes some of its momentum to the outside, unbiased perspective and valued opinions that Maven brings to their strategic discussions.>>

As CraftMark grew, it became important to make sure everyone was rowing in the same direction. Maven was engaged to help articulate the company strategy in a concise and thoughtful way. >>

For its annual planning session, Raptor was looking for an external facilitator that would allow all participants to be actively involved in discussions and to create a space that enabled all voices to be heard. >>

Tower Companies wanted to align the management team on a path forward and needed someone from the outside to help the team plan for the future. >>

Mergers, Due Diligence and Value Creation

Safariland wanted assistance in developing a fact-based approach to consolidating its brands. Maven made brand recommendations to consolidate and a roadmap for the evolution of the all brands. >>

Maven showcased its expertise when in the absence of existing market research reports, it leveraged a variety of data sources to develop a point of view.  >>

Ronin engaged with Maven early in the cycle.  The Maven due diligence framework remained the same, but the information uncovered gave the deal team time to think strategically about the transaction and to have the next steps considered prior to closing. >>

Ronin Equity Partners is an operationally oriented private equity firm headquartered in New York. Focused on Consumer, Industrial, and Business Services and the Technology and Media sectors, Ronin undertakes equity investments of up to $500M and transactions of up to $1B. The firm leans heavily into investments that prioritize back-office efficiencies without impacting the customer experience.>>

Over a six-month period, the Arterra management team, Maven and Mr. Meheriuk developed a VCP that helped identify several significant opportunities to drive EBTIDA that exceeded the initial investment thesis. >>

What made the due diligence for Sunny River Management unique was the primary focus on the possible revenue synergies across the platform and identified bolt-ons. >>

Satori Capital enlisted Maven to undertake due diligence of a flavored syrup and sauces manufacturer. >>

Satori turned to Maven to perform due diligence on an acquisition targeted. They chose Maven knowing they could provide the quality, creativity and rigorous thinking of a top-tier consulting firm at a price point that works for a lower mid-market deal. >>

Maven dug deeply into the impact Covid had on the industry.  Satori wanted to understand how Covid impacted the market and how the market would change post-Covid. >>

Insight asked Maven to evaluate the market for a commercial construction product as part of their due diligence. Maven spent two weeks gathering data about the core market, the competition and a new growth opportunity for the business. >>

Operations Improvement

A growing company with an aging plant meant either expanding or relocating their manufacturing facilities. Raybern’s engaged with Maven to help them build the business case for moving the plant and to narrow down the choices of where the new plant would be located. >>

When PDC was looking to hire and train new sales people they realized their old training materials were not as effective as they could be, so they engaged Maven to update and to provide a more robust training experience. >>

Customer migration and suboptimal production created a need for AirBoss to consolidate. It asked Maven to assess its manufacturing footprint going forward and what strategic options are available. >>

Maven Awards and Features

Mark has a talent for assembling great teams with the right experience who do the deep research and ask the right questions to generate industry insights which are invaluable to our team as we consider making each investment. Not only are they collaborative, but they have earned our trust as we give them direct access to the most sacred of our relationships from management teams to the customers of the businesses we invest in. The result: uncountable moments of (the Satori) “aha” from what they learn and share. It is an honor to provide this award to them as a token of our appreciation for their partnership.” – Rugger Burke, Principle, Private Equity >>

Maven has created this very innovative and accessible way of getting access to world-class consultants at a cost and availability that you just can’t get as a mid-size business,” said Stagen. >>