Maven Associates was founded to provide top-tier consulting to the mid market.

Independent consultants bring value to mid-market companies through their unbiased, outside perspectives, wide industry connection and deep expertise in areas of growth strategy, profit improvement, due diligence, M&A support and annual planning.  This video explains why Maven was founded and what clients can expect when working with the team.

Our Services


Maven helps clients identify and evaluate new growth opportunities, so management teams make good decisions on where to place their “bets”.

Profit Improvement

Maven is a neutral third party that uses a fact-based and analytical approach to evaluate for improvement opportunities.

Merger Integration and Value Creation

Maven works with companies and private equity firms to accelerate creating value with their investments.


Maven facilitates customized annual planning sessions designed to meet the unique objectives of company leaders.


Maven works with companies and private equity firms to source proprietary deals and complete commercial due diligence.

Operations Improvement

Maven offers a “fresh” perspective on how to streamline operations.

We question current approaches, integrate internal and external perspectives, leverage data to support or rebut company conventional wisdom, and we think like owners. We challenge our clients to rethink their business to unlock future opportunities.