Our goal is to bring the talents, tools, thinking, and experience from the top tier of consulting to companies that are not large enough to work with those firms. All Maven consultants are alumni from Bain, McKinsey, or BCG who bring the tools and experiences used with Fortune 1000 clients to the mid-market.

Bain, McKinsey, and BCG are recognized worldwide as the top tier of consulting firms. They recruit the top students from the world’s premier universities and put them through rigorous training programs. Each firm has its own “tool-kit” that each consultant learns. And every project uses many of those tools. Alumni from these firms fill the executive suites of virtually every company in the Fortune 1000 and they are found throughout private equity.

Companies in the mid-market have very challenging and complex problems to solve. When Maven consultants work on those problems they are bringing the skills and knowledge they have built both at their old firm, and very often in a recent executive role. World-class problem solving and real-world solutions.

Meet some of the talented Maven team members: